Spooky, spooky – it is Halloween!!!

On Friday the 30th of October witches, wizards, ghosts and monsters could be spyed at our PAGS.
Together with their English – tutors our 5th-graders organized an English – Day. The whole day we spoke English. In the first four lessons our learning – partners studied maths, history, biology and all the other subjects in English.
In the 5th and 6th lesson we all went to the festival – hall in Külsheim to experience a graduation celebration. This party was framed by different songs of our school – band.
Some learning – partners presented the obligations and liberties of a “free – climber“, a “climber“ and a “hiker“- our different graduation – classifications. After that a lot of students got their certifications about their new “status“.
Our learning – group 5a presented a short Halloween – story and learning – groups 5b and 5c did a scary Halloween – Rap.
We wish all our learning – partners nice autum – holidays!